Sometimes I return

Mmmm… I have an excuse, I swear I do!
I was overwhelmed by all the writing of the first 2 weeks of the year so I thought I should take a break because I’m sure people who read this blog were overwhelmed too.
I also went to Panama and I didn’t want to spend my days indoors writing!
Yes, I went to Panama a month ago and for 2 weeks but I've needed the past 2 weeks to get used to the idea that I’m no longer there!
I’m emotionally drained from the separation from my family!
I cannot hold myself together with despair!
I have ran out of things to say using an exclamation mark!

So here are some of the things I saw and ate and touched this time in Panama.

I drank a big big margarita. With a XX beer dunked in it for good measure.

I went to the seafood market and bought me some ceviche for breakfast.

And I discovered what oughts to be the mother of my hot sauce. EXTRA hot sauce.

Did I mention I had ceviche for breakfast?
Octopus in case you were wondering.
And that's a dash of Mother Hot Sauce on top of it.
Next time I shall be less generous with that one.

I then had lobster cocktail and, yes, that is a whole chunk of lobster.
That portion cost $2.00.
I will not pay £20 for a lobster roll with less lobster than that cocktail in it.

I made ribs with J's recipe and everyone liked them a lot.
I forgot to take pictures until all that was left was this.

I continued having breakfasts full of nutrients.
[Deep fried] carbs.
And fruit [punch].

That's not a mango.
It's a passion fruit.
Yep, they don't look like shriveled testicles like one would think here in the UK.

I had tripe.
I like tripe.

I went for lunch here.

And it ended like this.
But I will say more about it in the next post, because now I want to go watch CSI.

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